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Shade Structures and Permanent Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas


The Flexshade® range of engineered, modular shade structures and commercial outdoor umbrellas offer a durable, yet affordable shade solution for commercial facilities, resorts, restaurants and residences worldwide.

The clean lines and contemporary styling of our outdoor umbrellas create a stunning visual impact, ideally suited for café and restaurant umbrellas or any commercial shade structures, where our designs can double as an architectural feature and a practical shade alternative.

With technology and engineering derived from our large custom tension membrane structures, each Flexshade® product is designed to withstand 160km/hr (100mph) winds. Our parent company Tension Span Structures incorporates over 30 years experience into the design and manufacture of every product.

» Visit our gallery page to see examples of Flexshade outdoor umbrellas, shade sails, and shade structures weathering the elements around the world.
All Flexshade Umbrellas come with:
  • 10 Year Structural Warranty
  • P.E. Certified Structures
  • 160 km/hr wind rating (100mph)
  • PVDF or Tedlar PVC, membranes
  • Marine Grade Stainless Fittings
  • Triplex Dual Powder Coated Steel
  • Span range 2.4m to 15m (8 to 50 ft)

A unique feature for all Flexshade products, including our cantilevered outdoor umbrellas, is the use of structural upper and lower arms. Flexshade does not use wires or cables to support the highly tensioned frames resulting in our industry leading wind ratings and snow loads. 

Flexshade® outdoor umbrellas are available in Australia and worldwide. Representatives cover many regions, including Sydney, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, South East Asia, Europe, USA and India. If we're not in your area, we can economically pack and ship directly to you.
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Outdoor Umbrellas