Outdoor Umbrellas

Umbrellas originally were designed to provide shelter and have gone in and out of popularity throughout the ages. The earliest designs used leaves for shelter. Parasols were used for a time to provide protection from the sun and rain. With improvements in the structural design of the umbrella it became more popular and its use started to become more widespread. Initially umbrellas were fairly small and used only for personal use. Gradually the size of the umbrella increased so that it was used outdoors and was able to provide shade and shelter for groups of people. This portable design while useful was by no means perfect with obvious limitations.

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Over the years we have learnt to adapt to our environment and to find innovative ways to make our lifestyle more comfortable. From the humble beginnings of the first portable umbrella to the iconic beach umbrella, new materials and refinements in engineering have expanded our notion of outdoor umbrellas to a whole new level. Think outdoor pool and somewhere in that picture will be a permanent outdoor umbrella. Think home pool and the design could be a cantilever umbrella which eliminates the need for a centre post and allows the umbrella to swing around as the position of the sun changes. Think resort pool and you might see groups of people relaxing under umbrellas and enjoying the outdoors without ending up looking like a lobster or getting soaked from an unexpected rain shower.

Shade Sails Outdoor Patio Umbrellas
Any foodie who loves dining out will have experienced the ambience of sitting under an outdoor umbrella on the café strip and breathing in the fresh air. There is something very appealing about seeing all those café umbrellas lined up – it’s like they are beckoning you in with their promise of shelter and respite. Somehow they almost conjure up a sense of belonging, providing a meeting place for the community. Even in a family home setting the family tends to gravitate to the umbrella, the structure of the outdoor umbrella somehow unifying the group.

Outdoor umbrellas are now used in a whole range of settings including restaurants, resorts, clubs and pubs, public spaces and residential areas. Their durability and visual appeal make a good combination, made obvious by their popularity. If you are considering investing in a permanent outdoor umbrella as your shade solution make sure you check out the Flexshde range of Outdoor Umbrella's.

Shade Sails Outdoor Patio Umbrellas
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