Shade Sails Brisbane

Shade Sails are becoming more and more popular due to their flexibility and durability. These days it has become the norm to see shade sails in almost every colour, size and shape you can imagine. Architecturally they provide an enormous amount of scope to work with. The shade sails when used on a large scale make quite a statement. A perfect example being the Marina Mirage on The Gold Coast Australia, a project completed by Flexshade Brisbane's parent company Tension Span Structures Pty Ltd.

Shade Sails Brisbane

Advances in Shade Sails Technology

Enormous advances have been made in Shade Sail structures using tension membrane technology. This allows architects to design shade sails with pleasing lines and maximum visual impact while at the same time maintaining the integrity and strength of the Shade Sail. Flexshade sail structures do not use bracing cables or wires, but solid metal, so the maximum load capability is greatly increased. This strength, makes Flexshade sail structures the obvious choice for any commercial and private applications.

While the commercial application of Shade Sails is becoming more widespread, shade sails are not a new invention. Large sail like structures pulled into place by Roman sailors were used in the Colosseum in Rome to provide shade for the spectators. Shade sails have also been used in residential situations for many years. However the design and materials have seen incredible advances over recent years, allowing for much larger structures. Often multiple shade sails are used providing quite a dramatic effect while increasing the protected area.

Shade Sails Brisbane

Wind and Cyclone Rated

For areas, like Brisbane in South East Queensland, which experience intense thunderstorms it is important that shade sails and umbrellas are able to withstand strong winds of over 100 kilometers per hour or more. By using solid metal framing in our Flexshade range, the wind rating is able to be increased to withstand winds of up to 160 kilometers per hour. Obviously very desirable in such a storm prone area.

Shade sails structures and umbrellas can be custom made to suit any size often producing the perfect solution for an area with unusual dimensions. First comes your imagination and then the shade sail helps it become a reality. Flexshade in Brisbane is able to custom make shade sails to almost any specification. If you have a special project in mind, Flexshade may be just the innovative partner you are looking for.

Shade Sails Outdoor Patio Umbrellas

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