Shade Structures Brisbane

Living in Australia offers a great outdoor lifestyle but having shelter from the elements is a must, especially in Brisbane Queensland, where you need cover from the sun plus their tropical showers.

Flexshade’s range of pre-engineered tension shade structures are designed to provide an easy and cost effective alternative to a custom project that offer protection from both the sun and rain.

You can choose from the more traditional square or hexagonal umbrella shade structure or for a more contemporary look, our Tetra or Hypar’s can make a great statement in any outdoor location.

Shade Sails


Shade Sails

Our Hypar is ideal for any outdoor environment that requires a modern shade structure while also allowing maximum coverage from the elements. This range also offers a durable, attractive alternative to traditional shade sails.

Our Tetra is available with curved or square perimeter edges, they can be linked to form large eye catching continuous shade structures. Both the Curved and Straight Edge structures can have some custom elements to meet your project requirements.

If you’d like more information about our Shade Structures, contact the Flexshade team to discuss your project and obtain a quote.

Visit the gallery page to see examples of how our Shade Structures can enhance your outdoor space in Brisbane, Australia and Worldwide.