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Flexshade® Evening Dining in Adelaide!

Shadeform our South Australian agent for Flexshade®, installed 3 Twin Quartet Curtain Edge Umbrellas for Ramsgate Hotel in Adelaide.

Flexshade® increasing the ambience for your dining experience.

Flexshade® Goes 'RED' at USC

Three Flexshade® Q14 umbrellas were at the University of the Sunshine Coast campus, Maroochydore Queensland. The umbrellas were installed by our Sunshine Coast Agent, Sunraze Shade and Blinds. What a bold colour choice and they look fantastic installed within the creative precinct of the University, opposite the USC's Art gallery.



Flexshade® Providing Protection From The Harsh Qld Sun

Having shade throughout the summer months is essential!
Our Brisbane Agent Instaco installed 3 Flexshade Q14S at Villanova College. They loved the first one so much they ordered another 2 more!! With thanks to Instaco our agents in Brisbane.

Flexshade® Q*14S in Black with Pivot Option

"As you can see our Flexshade Umbella has been installed in the Northern Territory and looks stunning. We were extremely impressed with the professional service we received from the beginning to the end from Shadeform. The superior quality of your product coupled with the packaging was truly impressive."
Another happy Flexshade customer, with the efforts of our SA Agents Shadeform.

Flexshade® the Perfect Poolside Accompaniment!

Taskers our Perth agent for Flexshade®, installed two Q5M Umbrellas at a private residence in Western Australia.

Offering shade to the poolside while also giving a stunning visual appeal.

Flexshade® South Australia 50 year Storms

The worst storms in 50 years recently battered wide areas of South Australia. Many Flexshades were exposed in schools, public areas, cars lots, shopping centres and beachfronts.
While many shadecloth structures and other fabric structures were destroyed no Engineer Certified Flexshade models reported any damage.
This is a tribute to the robust Flexshade waterproof shade products and the installation expertise of our SA Agent Shadeform Sails Pty Ltd

Flexshade® Custom Ridgeline

Custom Ridgeline installed as a Bike Shelter at Brisbane Airport, the Blue membrane perfectly matches the building!

For more information about our Ridgeline range, click here.

Flexshade® 2016 Product Range

View our Flexshade product range for 2016 on


  Click to open YouTube Movie in new window  Flexshade 2016 Product Range



Flexshade® The Perfect Shade Solution For A Restaurant!

Our Western Australian agent for Flexshade® Taskers, installed two Q8S umbrellas at Coventry Seafood Bar & Grill in Western Australia.

What a great way to provide shade for your customers.

Flexshade® Providing Protection From The Harsh Qld Sun

Having shade as we move into the summer months is essential!
Flexshade Q*6M and Q*14S were installed at schools in South Australia. With thanks to Shadeform our agents in South Australia.

Flexshade® Quartet Q*14 Brisbane Grammar School

Local Brisbane install of 3 Flexshade Q*14 Umbrellas at Brisbane Grammar School. Offering shelter from the elements on their Tennis Courts between matches.

For more information about our Quartet range, click here.

Flexshade® Quartet Q*14'S' Happy Customer

"I am happy with the result of your recently supplied Flexshade Quartet Q*14'S' Cantilever Umbrella. It is a great addition to the Flexshade Q*12 you provided 10 years ago."
Peter Wolfs (North Queensland)

Flexshade® Q2M for C Coffee

Shadeform our South Australian agent for Flexshade®, recently replaced 3 Umbrellas for C Coffee in Adelaide. Their footpath location, has made it a great place to stop for a relaxing coffee while doing some people watching.

Flexshade® Looking Arty in Ireland

Downer our Flexshade agent in Ireland, installed a Flexshade Quad at a school as an art piece.

For more information about Quads, click here.

Flexshade® 2015 Projects

View some of our Flexshade projects for 2015 on


  Click to open YouTube Movie in new window  Flexshade 2015 Projects



Flexshade® Umbrella's for School

Shadeform our South Australian agent for Flexshade®, installed 3, Q*5MS Umbrella's at Unley Primary School, South Australia; providing some much needed shade during break time.


Flexshade® Flame Red at CIBO Espresso

Shadeform our South Australian agent for Flexshade®, installed 4, Q10 Umbrella Membranes at CIBO Expresso in Gawler, South Australia. Another bold colour choice selected; the red really brightens up the street againts the grey of the buildings.



Flexshade® Aiming High for Piper Alderman

Shadeform our South Australian agent for Flexshade®, installed 2 Q10 Umbrellas for Piper Alderman in Adelaide, South Australia. These were for their roof terrace, so a tricky install but what a view!


Flexshade® the Perfect Poolside Accompaniment!

Shadeform our South Australian agent for Flexshade®, installed a Q*10 Duet Cantilevered Umbrella at a private residence in Barossa Goldfields.

Offering shade to the poolside while also giving a stunning visual appeal.

Flexshade® Q10SP Cantilever and Pivot Model - Noosa

The Flexshade® Q10'SP' - Cantilever/Pivot model looks impressive installed along the side of a residential canal swimming pool. The cantilever umbrella eliminates the centre post providing maximum dining or lounging by the pool. Each model is not only engineered to meet worldwide wind codes, our cantilever umbrellas are also designed with the optional pivoting mechanism at the top of the column as seen in this model.


Flexshade® is now on Facebook

You can View and Like Flexshade® on our Tension Span Structures Facebook page.




Flexshade® Q5MD - British Aerospace

Three Flexshade® Q5'M' umbrellas were recently installed at British Aerospace in South Australia by our South Australian agent Shadeform . The Q5'M' umbrellas were selected to be installed in a triangle format which best suited the courtyard space.


Flexshade® Q5MD DUET MODEL - Shadeform SA

Shadeform our South Australian agent for Flexshade®, recently installed a Q5'MD' Duet model in their showroom carpark and it looks great! The Flexshade® Q5'MD' Duet umbrella was chosen to give extensive coverage over the carpark spaces. The umbrella has two elegant conical shade membranes with a central column.


Flexshade® Quartet Q8 - UWA

Our Western Australian agent for Flexshade® Taskers, recently installed within the campus grounds of the University of Western Australia, seven Quartet Q8. The umbrellas were chosen to provide shade and protection for students and staff within a common area of the university grounds.


Custom Flexshade® - Kingsford Hotel

If you need an area covered that may not fit our standard Flexshade® umbrella range than a custom umbrella maybe designed to suit your requirements. Shadeform our South Australian agent for Flexshade® recently installed a custom designed cantilevered Flexshade® umbrella for the Kingsford Hotel. A Link panel, as well as heating and lighting kits were also chosen to optimise the custom umbrella design.


Quartet Q5M'S' & Q6M'S'- Tyndale Christian College

Shadeform our South Australian agent for Flexshade® recently installed three Q5'MS' and three Q6'MS' within the school grounds of Tyndale Christian College. Link panels were chosen for both of the Flexshade® umbrella sizes, to create maximum shade coverage for the student eating areas. Hawthorne green was chosen for the framework paint finish to best compliment current school colours.


Quartet Q10'C' - Chosen for The Lilydale Marketplace

As part of the Lilydale Marketplace Shopping Centre re-development, three Q10'C' with straight edges, were selected by the HACER Group development company and installed over a family rest and play area. The three Q10'C' were placed externally, parallel to the the existing Woolworths and specialty shops area. The official opening of the LilydaleMarketplace Shopping Centre to the public, was in July 2013.


Quartet Q5M Duet - 'NEW' On The Shunshine Coast

The Flexshade® Quartet Q5'M' Duet was recently installed by our Sunshine Coast Agents, Sunraze Shade and Blinds. The Quartet Q5'M' Duet design, dislpays a complimentary grey scheme, for seamless integration within the commercial complex. The Flexshade® Quartet Q5'M' Duet was selected for superior quality, high wind capacity and contemporary lines.



Quartet Q14 - Newcastle Foreshore

Two Flexshade® Quartet Q14, were installed by Hunter Development Corporation, along the redeveloped Newcastle Harbour Foreshore, New South Wales.The Quartet Q14, was chosen for ample coverage of the outdoor table seating areas. Outdoor dining on the Harbour Foreshore enables the public an excellent vantage point, to view one of Australia's busiest ports in action.



Flexshade® - Lotus 19

As part of the new Woolworths Shopping Centre at Walkerville, Shadeform, our South Australian agents for Flexshade®, installed the Lotus 19 inverted umbrella, over a small children’s recreation area. The Lotus 19 has a central column, doubling as a down pipe for connection to mains drainage (if required), for effective collection and distribution of rainwater. Utilising Triplex Galvanised & Powdercoated framework and Seaman Kynar Fabric, the Lotus 19 has a 10 year warranty, which ensures years of trouble free use.


Quartet 5MS - Cantilever at Surfair by Sunraze

When strong winds damaged the existing structure on the roof of these Sunshine Coast Apartments, Flexshade® quality and high load capacity won the day. The Quartet 5'MS' cantilever in silver, provides a clean and robust all weather solution.

Quartet 5M - Churchie Tennis

Flexshade® Quartet Q5'M' provides robust shade for seated areas between courts.  Due to high traffic flow a galvanised finish was selected.The builderwas Fardoulys Constructions and the courts are by Dynamic Sports.

Quad 4M at Sunraze Facility

Sunshine Coast Agent, Sunraze Shade and Blinds have installed Flexshade® Quad 4'M' at their new facility. The Quad 4'M' is the largest of the Quad range and provides a unique blend of shade and sculpture.

Quartet 8M - Broadbeach Mall

Gold Coast Representative Amazing Shade, has contracted and installed the Flexshade® Quartet Q8'M' on an elevated column over a play area at Broadbeach Mall. Currently, the Centre Column Q8'M' is the largest of the Quartet range.

Quartet 6M - Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast Distributor Amazing Shade installed this Quartet 6'M' Flexshade® right near the famous beaches in this apartment complex. Flexshade® was selected for its superior quality, high wind capacity and surface finishes.

YouTube Movie - Shadeform Flexshade®

Adelaide company Shadeform has been representing Flexshade in South Australia for 8 years.

Take a look at our YouTube movie featuring some of the fantastic Flexshade® projects they have completed.

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New YouTube Movie - Flexshade® in the USA

Visit us at YouTube to see examples of Flexshade® outdoor umbrellas and structures:

  Click to open YouTube Movie in new window  Flexshade in the USA

Flexshade® Representative cover many regions, including Australia, USA, South East Asia, Europe and India. Remember, if we're not in your area, we can economically pack and ship directly to you.


Flexshade® is now on YouTube

You can now view the new movies of our Flexshade® products on


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Introducing Flexshade® Quartet 'Duet'

This Quartet 'Duet' Series on a single cantilevered column is designed for many applications where support space is limited. The Quartet 'Duet' is specified for 160km/hr (100mph) wind loads and severe UV conditions.

A 10 year Warranty is standard,


  • Q *8D     -  2.5m x 5.0m (8ft x 16ft)
  • Q *10D   - 3.2m x 6.4m (10ft x 20ft)
  • Q *14D   -  4.2m x 8.4m (14ft x 28ft)
  • Q* 5MD  -  5.0m x 10.0m (16ft x 32ft)

MIN HEIGHT - 2.2m (7ft) Download Specifications


Introducing Flexshade® Quartet 'C' - Curtain

If your clients are looking for high quality shade at an affordable price, consider our new Flexshade Curtain Series of engineered tension membrane structures. The base structure is designed for 160km/hr wind loads, and 120km/hr with side curtains in place. The Curtain Series is designed with either a cantilever or central column, with provision for site measured side curtains and optional corner posts for zip track type attachments. Quartet 'C' can be linked providing flexibility and weatherproof cover to suit many layouts. A 10 year Warranty is standard.


  • Q10C  -  3.2m x 3.2m (10ft x 10ft)
  • Q14C  -  4.2m x 4.2m (14ft x 14ft) 
  • Q5MC -  5.0m x 5.0m (16ft x 16ft)


MIN HEIGHT - 2.2m (7ft) Download Specifications


Grundy Park - New Jersey

Aliens have landed in New Jersey. These futuristic Flexshades® were specially designed as iconic shades for this re-developed pier on the Hudson River. The backdrop is the spectacular skyline of lower Manhattan. The project was developed from a need to provide focal points on the pier and enliven the aesthetics of the space.
A customized Flexshade based on the Lotus model was designed to provide high wind and snow load capability and robust longevity in a public space. The membranes are DuPont coloured Tedlar and the steel frames hot dip galvanized with Duralloy powder coating in Satin Black. Lighting is by vandal proof uplights set into the timbe decking,providing a spectacular “flying saucer” effect at night. More Current Projects